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Love Process

Livestream for Festival Banlieues Bleues #38

T.I.E and her band, offer an innovative and open fusion in the landscape of modern music: atypical compositions blending the biting irreverent of rock, the freedom of Jazz, and a flow inspired as well as hip-hop, spoken word and Tassû (this form of verbal jousting from Senegal).

Without Forgetting the visual aspect of their music, that unfolds live with video projection of polymorphic images, psychedelic, cosmic and strange at the same time. Those visuals effects are made by the visual artist Allie Rozetta.

“Life is Not a Waiting Game” Music Video by Art2Voir

Five years after the release of their EP Life is not a waiting game, a new one PANGOOL is on its way: i n Serer cosmogony, the word Pangool designates a pantheon of spirits, especially those of ancestors. The Pangool are intercessors between the secular world of the living and the invisible and transcendent one of the unique Roog Sene deity. This intercession aims to participate in the balance of things and beings.

HUMAN-ISM, video installation for Afropunk Paris 2018

This animistic cosmogony is an essential part of T.I.E's identity, and a source of daily inspiration in her experience. She drew the idea that Relation, the central element of our lives, is sacred. Our relation to our predecessors, our inspirers, to those who constitute our intimate life, intimate relationship, the relation to our path, our quest for meaning, to those we meet, to nature.

The question asked by T.I.E throughout this album is; what would happen if we could, whatever our personal history, our beliefs or the apparent chaos that surrounds us, consider as sacred beings and things that surround us?

ANY-ISM, video installation for Afropunk Paris 2018