Mike Ladd (Boston)
T.I.E (Dakar)
Juice Aleem (U.K)

A mix of old friends doing new things
Lost in their cultures and finding novel ways to express .
Exiled by choice or design they work to a new nation
Blending their strengths and overcoming the weaknesses of confinement
Bending the rules and making new ones as they go
Exile doesn't have to be the end

The combination of Boston born Post-Futurist poet Mike Ladd, Senegalese surrealist singer and poetess T.I.E and Astro-Caribbean MC Juice Aleem for an incendiary package. Having previously worked together in different formations and guises they had always wanted to take this particular mix on the road. Connected by their different influences and backgrounds the mix of the potion is one that leaves a strange taste. Mixing and mashing up old songs into improvisations and vice versa, they are the perfect concoction.
In fact the taste is not that strange. It's freedom.
Get used to it!

Exillians first release


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