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In the Serer cosmogony from which I come it is said: "Roog a binda adna noo tiig tew; Roog created the world from his feminine nature.
Of this creation "some current cosmological models assume that 13.7 billion years ago the entire mass of the universe was compressed into a gravitational singularity, called the cosmic egg, which expanded to its current state. by the big bang The origin of man thus echoes the origin of the universe, the hatching of an egg. » Odyssey In Utero, or the story of a long, eventful, adventurous journey into the matrix of the world.
The Uterus: the Axis Mundi, a bio-cosmic gate whose cosmogonic and/or religious charge varies from one society to another. What do our cults, taboos and representations of this noumenon of water, flesh and blood say about us?
What do the rituals linked to femininity tell us in precolonial societies, what would our new rituals be in this virtually connected postmodernity? If the womb was a vessel, if we could navigate time, space, and infinity comfortably within this womb; What would this journey reveal about our deep nature as beings engendered in darkness in utero and then propelled ex utero through the crotch of origin to a world where beauty and chaos walk side by side?

Odyssey In utero is a project whose ambition in its artistic dimension is to offer the public an anthropological and fantastic experience where music and image dialogue. An electronic music that mixes spatial atmospheres, ritual incantations and sound samples from ethnographic archive images, popular iconography ranging from the holy virgin to the Hottentot Venus... images that are broadcasted  in sync with the music and sometimes even are controlled by it . All enhanced by an immersive scenography built with my acolyte Allie Rozetta . 

Odyssey In utero
A polysemous research object

Beyond this artistic approach, this project is a laboratory research and meeting project. On the one  hand, the odyssey, within the framework of the musical actions of Banlieues bleues, crosses the prison territory.
Through a series of musical and visual creation workshops that i conducted with a group of incarcerated women in collaboration with Maddly Mendy Sylva (music and singing) and Allie Rozetta (Visual Arts). With the participants, we formed a circle of women, a closed and safe space like the uterine enclosure, gathered around this organ in common as an active and regenerating principle.
I led in that cercle to experience the Ritual as a device ,because it invites us to invest the gesture with an intention and questions our presence in the world in connection with our environment. In our sesssions, after  a first stage of waking up the body and circulating energy through breath and sound vibration, participants were invited to explore their femininity, to (re)connect with themselves and to express through voice, writing, music and image, their state in the present, their dreams in the future

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This work was presented as an artistic performance within the prison, the enrichment of new archives drawn by the women for the performance at La Dynamo, and a photographic series exploring the self-fictional universe of lunar hares( my Totem) , archetypes of the life-dead-life cycle, with the moon as the guide of the female cycle.
The photographs, taken within the confines of a cramped room improvised as a wild photo studio, are inspired by iconic representations of the female figure in primitive arts and ancient art. Here women update the concept of female icon and take pride of place with their multiple facets: motherhood, protection, abundance, anchoring and pride.
The series crowns an altar in their honor during the restitution of my residency at La Dynamo,wher the audience  public is invited to kneel next to the parchment, which transcribes two poems  produced during the workshops: “to free oneself”,  and “Uterus”.

On the other hand, in order to nourish the dialogue between the universes of precolonial and contemporary references, I  associated the ethnomusicology students of Paris 8 with a work of research and reflection around the object of the archive. The archive as a trace of a given space-time but also as a fiction, if we consider that we, contemporaries, are the archives of the future. It also instiguated a special workshop at La Dynamo as part of the European research project Artsformation with Allie Rozetta (Visual Artist), Djimadjim (Sound and Kinesthetic Artist). The latter explores the intersection between the arts, society and